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Mike Sr.
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Default Cruiselines that don't have a kiddy pool

Why is it that some lines want young familys but don't have a child pool for the toddlers. I called HAL to get rates for next year. They told me the new Vista class is for young familys. When asked about a child pool their response was no on all of their ships. Now I know many of you would back me up on this, not wanting to see my sons in YOUR pool. Many parents have been forced to use the regular pool on summer sailing. Now I am not a fly in the ointment and don't want to piss in YOUR pool but if this attitude keeps up, HAL will never see a penny of my money. Celebrity and Princess do like seeing my green. No I am not a millionaire, but I do work hard for my money. HAL must remember one thing. My kids and I are the future for cruising. Eight cruises and counting in 10 years of marriage is not to shabby. My sons wish they were going this year, but with me in college it's not going to happen. Peace to all.
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