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Default HELP! I need a christmas tree ornament - PRIDE!!

Hello everyone!

I was hoping that someone can help me. If anyone is planning to sail on the Carnival PRIDE, can you possibly buy a small souvenir in the gift shop for me? Specificially, I am referring to the PRIDE ship replica christmas tree ornament - its about 1/2" wide and 4" long - it looks like a little cruise ship. The ship cost $8.00 and they make great little desk fixtures.... If you pick one up for me, I will pay you $20.00!!

Now, why am I asking you to do this....well, after my first cruise - the PRIDE. I became a cruise addict and I just sailed on 2 more within the past year and half. I sailed on the PRIDE in December 2002; in fact I got MARRIED on the ship. My next cruise was on the HOLIDAY in August 2003 and I just returned from my 3rd - CONQUEST this past Sunday (May 2004). As for the HOLIDAY and CONQUEST, I purchased the little replica ship christmas tree ornaments, but I forgot to purchase one while sailing on the PRIDE. So I called carnival and they told me the only way to secure one of the ornaments was to sail on the PRIDE again or ask someone who is sailing to buy me one. So can you help??? I just got a have the little ship. It would look great on my desk next to my little HOLIDAY and CONQUEST.....

If you can help, please reply on the board or you can email me directly:


Thanks again!!!!
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