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Default Supersize w/a diet coke syndrome

My gripe is from people who complain that they cant take there own drinks{be it soda,beer etc} on board or get mad that the cruise puts a limit on how much you can take. These are the same people who usually travel in outside or balc cabins{they say they like to have a nitecap on there bacl before going to bed etc..}-which means they are paying at least about 1000usd{if you get a good deal} if not more per person. Also they seem to be the ones who when in port recomend that you try so and sos for a quick bite,and less tourist atmosphere etc..{there is free food on the boat}or drop a few hundred in the casino and bingo. But gosh forbid they pay 3.50USD for a bottle of beer{which is the going price in any decent bar in the major cities,I am talking like Manhatten, Chicago,Los Angles,South Beach}

Its a VACATION you are on-enough of being doller wise-penny foolish.

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