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Default Re: Supersize w/a diet coke syndrome

Its BECAUSE we are dollar wise that we can afford to pay the price for the balcony or outside cabins. Sure...I can purchase an inside cabin and use the money that I save on that toward my bar tab. But why not have it both ways? Save a little here...spend a little there.

Its the same as saving money by eating hamburger or chicken every night at home, so that we can buy the filet mignon or lobster when we go out to eat.

And its not the $3.50-$5.00 for "A" drink. Its $3.50-$5.00 times how many drinks, per day, for 7 days? Everyone says how the drinks aren't any more expensive on the ship than they are when you go out to dinner at home. Well...I don't go out to dinner every night for 7 nights straight .

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