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Debbie Alles
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Default Never Again RCCL

My family just returned from a Southern Carribean Cruise which sailed out of SanJuan. This is our 4th RCCL cruise ... we have cruised the last 4 summers.

Our orevious experiences have been incredible whis is why we choose cruises as our vacations.

On this particular cruise my husband myself and our two children ages 16 and 13 witnessed events that lierally shook us up:
1. We were palying the Quest game which is an audience participation game when a man approximately 40 years old was running to show his teams number. An 18 year old boy bumped into him and all h**** broke loose. The 40 year old suckered punch the boy and people jumped from the crowd and basically it was mahem. Fist were flying and I truly was concerned for our safety. It took security approx 10 minutes to arrive and break things up.
2. Kids were hanging all over the stairs with boom boxes and were intimidating passengers. Once again no security.
3. I have never seen so many out of control drunk people in my life... and yes I do drink. People were going up to the bands at the pool and yelling out profanities
from the mike.
4. The people at the table behind us included a guy who wore no shoes and his wife who wore see thru outfits with her G string showing.
5. We witnessed another fight in the Casino over a slot machine. Security broke up this fight quickly.
6. At approx 1 am a 18 year old boy staggagared up to me and begged me to help him find his room. He was crying and I swear I was worried he was going to jump off the ship. My husband and I got him help.
7. It took 4 hours to leave the ship on the final day.

Did we enjoy ourselves.... We met amazing people and really focused on the great aspects....although I am ranting. I just think RCCL needs to be careful on how much liquor they are pushing on people including kids who have never drank before. Even though people are not driving does not make them a hazard to themselves and others.
San Juan is absolutely fabulous. I wished we would of stayed there for a week.
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