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Default Re: Never Again RCCL

My husband and I are scheduled to take this trip in December. Hopefully, this is just a fluke. Seems like almost all the other reviews have been postive. Hope your's was the exeption. Sorry to hear that your cruise ended up being so crazy but glad to hear that you didn't let it ruin your trip.

The cruise lines need to regulate alchol consumption a little better. Having a few drinks and having fun is one thing, but when people are starting fights, throwing up on themselves and passing out in the hallways then some restraint needs to be done.

And I agree with you Dar. The remark by Kuki was out of line and insulting. Race was never mentioned in regards to who the cuplrits were. Why do you have to automatically assume they are Puerto Rican? Cause the ship left out of San Juan or maybe there is another more personal reason? If it a personal reason, keep it to yourself. White people are just as good at getting drunk and making asses of themselves.


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