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Default Re: Never Again RCCL

This is the second time I have read a disparaging comment about Puerto Ricans. The comment has always been that there are many Puerto Ricans on the ships leaving from San Juan....hello....I am from Florida and let me tell you, when there is a sale, I take the cruise ships up on it. Ship from Florida are full of Floridians. I have just felt that the comments on this subject were made in a condescending manner, as if these fine AMERICANS were somehow less than we mainlanders.

This sediment bothers me for the following reasons:

1) I have a very good friend who is P.R.
2) I used to work in a sales company that had a very large Latin American and Puerto Rican sales division. I always envied them because the were loud and boisterous in a supportive manner to their co-workers and when the greeted each other it was always with a kiss and a hug. I believe the Latin culture is much more celebratory than we stodgy old anglos. Maybe this is being confused as different or bad.

My comments above do not pertain to the original poster, because no where in there did she refer to race or region of origin. I am just bothered by what seems to be an ever growing "if the ship departs from Puerto Rico there just may be a large group of Puerto Ricans aboard" it is a bad thing. I think you can count on the ship being occupied with a fair amount of folks from that region and if you don't like dancing and singing and celebration, well then perhaps you should consider another embarkation location.

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