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Default Re: Never Again RCCL

No, Kuki is not a moderator. He is a member of staff who mainly does the Cruisemates cruises. I do not think he meant for his comment to be racist, I just have never seen him act in a manner that anyone could call racist or even bigoted. Yes, if you live in San Juan you are a Puerto Rican, (Duh) <VBG>. Most of the locals are of Hispanic heritage and the skin color ranges from black skin to very light skin and all shades in between. Yes the cruiseline sometimes do run "local specials" that are highly discounted and some of the locals that take advantage of these offers are not your typical polite cruisers but those that do not know how to conduct themselves in public. Most do, but there are always those that ruin it for everyone else. I do not know if this was the case on this particuliar cruise or not but it is a possibility. You may have just happened to hit a cruise that was full of jerks.

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