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Default Re: Never Again RCCL

I knew someone on that cruise and I think you are the victim of false information. The incident of the collision of the 40 year old guy and the 18 year old guy was not an accident. The 18 year old was one of a group of drunken young people causing problems on the ship. The collision was intentional and he made a comment to the 40 year old about his wife which called for no less than what he received. The others in his group were the ones blocking the stairs with their boom boxes, harassing people, making vile comments to young ladies and shouting profanities over the mike. They were a bunch of drunken punks who had no business on a cruise ship. The drinking age on a cruise ship should start at 21 and no one under 21 should be allowed on a cruise ship without a companion over 25 unless they have proof of marriage. Those punks just tried to turn the cruise ship into a spring break riot. The 40 year old guy wasn't the problem. Get your facts straight.
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