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Default Re: Never Again RCCL

For what it's worth, I didn't read any racial tone into Kuki's orignal post. The Celebrity cruise (Constellation) I took in Jan of 2003 had the most impressive and elegant decor, food and service I've experienced on a ship. It was round-trip from San Juan, and it did offer big last-minute discounts to locals. A few passengers seemed a little put out to find themselves on a ship with about a third of their fellows being Spanish-speaking, but I neither heard of nor observed any incidents of untoward behavior.

And now, a QUESTION...for Kuki, or Paul, or Anne, or Jim, or whoever has an answer: I know that many airlines develop "no-fly" lists (separate from US gov't security lists) of drunken jerks they don't ever want as customers again; do cruise lines do the same thing, as in a "no-sail" list? And if not, why not?

(Of course, cruise lines are at a disadvantage in this regard, since only about 10% of Americans have ever set foot on a cruise ship. That leaves an awful lot of drunken jerks that cruise lines haven't met yet. Maybe, if it wouldn't be considered too great an invasion of privacy, they could ask the airlines if they might have a peek at THEIR drunken jerk lists, which presumably cover a lot more of the population.)
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