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Default Re: Cruise Ships & Art Auctions - Article - CRUISE LINES

I stay as far away as I can from art auctions and shopping while cruising. That is a cruise gripe for me. None of the art I saw was that unusual. I do like art, and have been in wonderful museums around the globe to experience it. I would much prefer to see port lectures on history and culture rather than shopping talks, but that unfortunately, would just be a service and not bring the cruise line any money. Follow the money....

Why anyone would be shocked about the quality of the gems or the art appraisals is beyond me. I do shop for local unusual items when visiting a foreign country, but I have galleries and fine diamond and jewelry stores about 2 miles from my home. If I am not satisfied, I can go right back to the store where the item was purchased. No need to waste valuable vacation time on that activity as I really don't want any of it anyway.

Okay, I have griped. I can see where people who do not live in an area where these type of items are obtainable would enjoy shopping there. I think most "bargains" are in the eye of the beholder.
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