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Default Re: people who go on cruises every month

Just move, banker. That's all that's necessary to join those lucky dogs!

As it is, with FF miles, we were able to take advantage of one of the cruise line's hot deals, a weekend cruise for two for less than $1000 (total) including the house-sitter, getting to our local airport, the flight (even with FF miles they charged us $20!), the cruise and everything that includes, etc., tips -- everything we'll need except excursions, which we'll probably do without this time. We actually saw a longer weekday cruise for less, but we wanted the weekend, specifically, so that was more money. We can't do that every month, but between my wife and I we make more than that in salary per week (and it is a paid vacation, eh? <g>), so we can rationalize doing it once a year or so, in addition to whatever other vacation arrangements we'd normally deliberately budget for.

I'm not sure what'll happen with US Airway's demise, though. Before, even without the FF tickets, we'd still be okay, since r/t Boston to Florida often runs in the $200 pp range. That'll surely run higher and may make doing something like this, especially at the last minute, a bit more difficult in the future.
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