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Default Re: Re: people who go on cruises every month

Hi Pebbstigator, we considered driving down to Miami for Navigator in December, but time and fuel is still an issue. I have a vehicle with a hybrid engine. It is a gas+gas engine, and does about 10 miles to a gallon (hummer)!!

I probably came across as though I was whining but we obviously do travel anyways so it was just one of those things that kinda don't bother you but kinda do at the same time. Hey, if it wasn't for that, I would have absolutely nothing to ***** about.

I've been having breakfast many a time when the people at the next table look at their menu, talk amongst themselves quietly for a minute, then turn to me and ask "what is peameal"??
It's one of those Canadian things like hockey (world cup champs, yeah baby!!!) and maple syrup, rye whiskey, poutine, a tuque, Canadian beer and yes, peameal - it's just like cornmeal, but made with peas. Good old Canadian peameal bacon.


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