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Default Re: people who go on cruises every month

Banker, please, there is a whole other side to Canada. The western side, and we do not know what the heck "peameal" is?!
We are such a large country that I can imagine the only thing we can agree on coast to coast would have to be the high quality of our Canadian beer!

Just to try and get a bit back on topic, since we live on the west coast of Canada, and we DO NOT want to cruise Alaska, or the "Mexican Riveria"( we have done it) the Carribbean is about as far away from us as it can get. Unfortunately, we love it, so 10 or more hours of flying and thousands of dollars have to depart our pockets to indulge our craving! I wish we could just drive down, but that would take at least a week!

The option of moving to Florida( even if it wasn't another country) is not for us, we don't like hurricanes, poision snakes, or spiders, or alligators.I guess there is a pay off for living in the land of the 299 dollar cruise!
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