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Default Re: people who go on cruises every month

We're fortunate to live near the ports, and for sure it is beneficial to be able to drive instead of flying. Last minute deals are great and you can be sure they are always available if you can stick it out until the last minute.

I have to say though that my trip to Canada including using FF miles to get here was one damn expensive trip. I came by myself as Mrs. Thomas decided to stay home to take care of the insurance et. al. from hurricane Frances and just for myself the trip was more than ANY cruise we have ever taken for the two of us. Ski trips out to Colorado were comparable.

When I think about the cost of 10 days in Canada, with a rental RV and a few days hotel bill I can't help but compare it to what a cruise would've cost. And then to see the cruise ships in Halifax harbor ( harbour, for the Canadiens) and know that they were doing this trip cheaper than me I was saddened. But then I'm El' Cheapo.

Look at it this way, we Floridians cruise for cheap, but we pay a King's ransom to ski. Touche'

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