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Default Re: people who go on cruises every month

I live in Florida, 1 hour from Ft. L, and about 2 hours from Miami.
Also, about 2 hours from Port Canaveral.

And, hey, two hours from Disney, Universal, Sea World, etc. etc.

So I don't have to spend the $$$ to fly to any of these places. I guess you could say I am lucky.
BUT ... if I want to ski, or see the Grand Canyon, or visit New York City, or gamble in Las Vegas ... I have to fly.
And if I want to visit the Louvre, or the Tower of Pisa or Buckingham Palace ... yep, I have to fly.
It's a trade-off, right?

I work, so I can't be waiting for last-minute cruises because I have to request vacation time ahead of time.
I booked my next cruise [Oct. 31] online with Travelocity, so I am paying just about the same as everyone else -- minus the airfare.

But someday I'll retire -- please let me know how I can find these cut-rate, last-minute deals.
I don't know anyone down here who has heard of them.

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