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CruisinOkie, Good restraint, I hate it when posters accuse a person of working for a cruiseline. It has happened to me once and it was because I had a reasoned reply for their complaints. Take it as a compliment I suppose, they just don't have a reply to your points.
Bummed has only made two posts so perhaps he/she has not read the boards long.

I wish people would realize that one of the reasons cruises are at their cheapest between late August and November is because it IS hurricane season, and there are no guarantees at the best of times, let alone then!
You are taking a chance, any time any of us cruise we do stand a chance of missing a port, and yes, I too would be disappointed, but I certainly wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket, so I would enjoy my cruise regardless. If one cruises with their heart set on seeing one port in particular, then it may be they should land cruise there instead, that's the only guarantee you'll get to that port!

Bummer, could you switch to another ship( leaving at the same time but to different ports, the eastern route is very nice and StMarten and St Thomas were not affected by the hurricane) and still use your airfare ? Maybe that would work.
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