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I am sailing on the Oosterdam at the end of this month.
Because we won't be docking in Grand Cayman, HAL substituted Key West. That is not a big deal to me one way or another ... I live in Fla., so stopping in KW on the last full day of the cruise is almost like coming home a day early.

But what does bother me is that we had our stop in Cozumel is cut short - 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.!
We were supposed to be there until late ... forget the exact time ... but now a bunch of excursions have to be canceled.

Oh well ...

Sailing any time of the year, you run the risk of changes in itinerary.
Hurricane season, even more so.
I'd never book a cruise Aug-Sept for that reason.
But late Oct. and Nov., while technically in hurricane season [June 1-Nov 30], are less of a risk.

This has been a particularly bad hurricane season [Frances & Jeanne both made landfall 20 miles from where I live!] for Florida and many islands in the Caribbean ...
There is not a lot that can be done by the cruise lines to compensate.

I guess you just have to learn to live with disappointment -- it DOES rain at Disney World, after all!


P.S. HAL is donating some of its "gently used" mattresses to the residents of Martin County who lost their bedding in the hurricanes. I think that's pretty nice.
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