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Default Re: Hurricane Comps

Laurie, agreed but I've yet to see the advert or quoted price for that time of year that states, you take a risk and sail with us at this time of year and we will take the same risk for you

So we will reduce your price by 33% just in case sh*t happens, you got a big discounted cruise, eyes open, no come back. And if nothing happens your bucks up

Thinking that everyone needs to be forewarned and forarmed about every possibilty by the vendors is lead to people being awarded millions of dollars because they spilled hot coffee in their laps.

... and has led to some of the most ridiculous product labelling... Warning, The Knife you are purchasing is sharp, and not meant for human consumption.

Somewhere, there should be some responsibility on the purchaser to do some research or at least reading on what they are purchasing.

The cruise contracts do cover it all... saying .. they may change the itinerary at any time for any reason. You'll find this information in all cruise brochures, cruise line web sites, and in your cruise documents.

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