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I love Carnival! Have been on 4 cruises, 2 with them and the Pride was AMAZING! I loved it!!!

As people have stated hurrican season is so cheap compared to say, summer because of the risks of bad weather and having to miss ports. I think on my cruise over Thanksgiving this year, we might be going to Dominica instead of Grenada. (Golden Princess) Had Princess given us another sea day, I would have been just as happy. I love days @ sea (nothin better than sitting by the pool with a (nonalcoholic in my case!) fruity drink!) and my cruise only has one @ the end.

I guess I am just one of the more happy go lucky people and don't let little things bother me so much. NO ONE can go to Grand Cayman on the cruises now because of the hurricanes, so it isn't just your ship not going.
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