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Default Re: Clothing optional

Hey guys its another hit and run post, not a gripe, not an issue. Just someone posting a daft question and then pi**ing off, no reply, and no comment to other posts.

Thats not natural for real Gripers posting their thoughts SLG.

Neither is showing me your bits or me showing you mine on a "normal cruise". If your talking topless fine, its you guys that seems to have a problem with it, here in Europe its the norm.

But,, but, but and big but (pardon the expression) anything below the first fold line sorry, keep that at home in front of the mirror, like one on one, do want to see it, dont need to see it. Ships are small places,,really.

Although I have heard some lines do one off nude cruises, so please explain SLG, are we talking topless or butchers counter display. As reaction could differ depending on state of undress

David <G>,,,,,yuk, too many visuals>>

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