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Default Absolute answers when there's no absolute


People who give absolute answers when there *isn't* an absolute answer.

"Can I chew gum in the pool" will generate 2 absolute answers "No! Or you will be thrown overboard immediately" or "Yes, in fact they pass it out at the steps" Both posters will assure the original poster that they are "experts" either because they have cruised 55 times in the last year, or (and apologies ahead of time to all you reputable, RELIABLE TA's) they are a TA! Sorry, but I've seen more bad advise - just out and out WRONG information given out - by so called TA's.

I try to share my experiences, which admittedly could be one time experiences, or actual policy of the cruiseline. When someone asks a question that is addressed in a cruise brochure, I quote the brochure.

I love the CM Staff board, but it bugs me when people who aren't even staff post incorrect info. I wish some people would start their answers with "In my opinion" or "It's been my experience that..."



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