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Default Re: Tattoos

There are people who still hold on the "stigma" of days past that tatoos mean this or that. In mainstream society, that is not the case as we know. There is a harley guy and gal that live a few doors down from me. They have tatoos. He is a lawyer, and she is also a professional. On weekends, they dress up like weekend bikers, and ride around. They leave their 7 series, their viper, and their X5 in the garage. But, the one thing that may explain why cruisers may have been slower in accepting this is that (and I hope I don't offend anyone) their average age is a little higher than the general publics average age, so they may not be as accepting or understanding of things that they are not exposed to every day. Not only tatoos, but homosexuality, ethnicity, etc etc may all be things thay they dislike or are less understanding of.


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