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Default Re: Tattoos

I think it's our generation! In the 60's the bikers we the ones who had the tattoo's. They were known as the bad guys. Now, when we see a person with a number of tattoos we automatically think that they are the bad guys.

My DH has a number of tattoos and he's always trying to hid them in the higher class areas and in our business. He's found that our customers will shy away from him if they see his tattoos first. Once they get to know him, he'll wear a short sleeve shirt etc. I've been with him long enough that when I see a person with no tattoo's on their back I think they look plain. I also have a tattoo and I'm a manager and a business owner. We have new trucks and a nice home. No harleys.

I guess the summary here is, people who look down on tattoo's should probably get out from under their rocks. No offence intended but it is the year 2005.
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