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Default Re: Re: What does the insurance really cover?

I just got the greatest education on the type of insurance RCI offers.
I called RCI, they knew some info but, not too much, they did give me the phone # to Berkely, (800-453-4022) the insurer they use. Of course you know it I called them!

To start with, I was surely shocked to find out, that any and all claims must be paid by you the consumer first, (or you WILL BE BILLED if it's over $10,000)
then the company would review it and hopefully pay it.
Funny, even though I have read that people, with the insurance, have seen the on board doctor and had no out of pocket expenses,. Not sure what to believe there!

They said, trip delay is covered, only if you can document that you or any one in traveling party is truely sick, (the sickness must provent you from traveling), or you are
on jury duty, in a major car accident, house has been condemded, or in jail.
I found nothing about if an airline get's you there late or anything to that effect.
Although they did state they will cover your luggage or hotel stay needed to wait for trip home or next boat available.

I was told very clearly, that in the event that you appear sick at dock and not allowed on board, you are not covered, unless you do the following right away:
See ships doctor, have him confirm you are sick or not, if he thinks you are, then you must go the nearest hospital,right away with no delay, see ER doctor, have him confirm that you are well or not, if well, bring documents to the port and try to get back on ship! Yeah right! I work in a hospital, try getting that done in just a few hours!
The limit is $10,000 medical and dental. Didn't know they had a dentist on board.

As far as Evac goes it is covered, up to $25,000. Call me crazy, but an sea- vac will surely cost more than that! Had a friend needed to be evaced out of grand canyon area, bill was well almost $35,000, thank god it was covered.

If you get sick in another country, see a doctor, need to fly home, they will cover it
(all expenses) only with proper documents and RCI must agree, it is in your best interest to do so. They would however, re-imburse you any monies due from they days you have left on your unused cruise. (That was nice).

I was told that if your sick on board, see the doctor and are quaratined,
the doctor bill is covered, but that's it, nothing else, no unused days.
Guess they feel maybe you may sneak in a party or two while your in the room suffering.

Guys, I must say, I didn't like what I found out. And I did check out the website, I just haven't called them yet with a few questions I got.
But believe me, I will................
Keep me posted should anyone know anything different,
but this came straight from the horse's mouth!

Who knows maybe I am crazy, but it dosent seem like a whole lot good to it.
I'll keep looking though............
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