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Default Re: Absolute answers when there's no absolute

I take all the info given on these boards with a grain of salt...alright the whole shaker. I find at times everyone (including the "staff" and me) gives out incorrect information. I don't think it's done puposely, it's that people answer from their own experiences and every experience is different. Sometimes they forget, are confused or just 'think" they know the answer. People will answer a question about a cruise line based on experience with another line. When I want hard and fast answers I go to the source, the cruise line or tour operators printed material. If you ask ten cruise line reps the same question on the same day you'll probably get nine different answers. I started reading the boards for information, now I read them for entertainment but I have to say after being away from them for a few months, they're not so entertaining anymore. They'e taken on a rather nasty tone.
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