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Default Re: fat people

Well now I'm ready to kick butt and take names! It would take 4 skinny people to sit on me to keep me home now. It must just be the small narrow minded size 2 and 4's that want to run us "healthy" one's down. I have never been small. I went to kindergarten big, and have remained that way. I've married(twice, but who's counting), have grown children and hold a management position at work. I really don't think that much about my weight, I've never been any other way. It's just me. When I read the message boards and kept running into the threads on obese passengers, a sliver of doubt crossed my mind. But no more. Thank You. We will be sailing on the Sensation out of New Orleans the 23rd. I'll be the big one in the flowered shirt having the time of her life.
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