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Default Re: fat people

On our first cruise in '92, I was 49, and we took a ship/itinerary frequented by younger adults. I wasn't overweight (then) but age was showing. Oh, well, I looked forward to seeing all those bikini-clad model types around the pool. WRONG! They were overweight, and out of shape like me! Now, at 62, I AM overweight (being 62 will do that to you). We usually take lines and itineraries that attract an older crowd like us. On our last cruise, I would place the percent of guests who were overweight according to those charts the doctors have at a flat 100% (including me). Those hollywood and model types you see in the lines' brochures --- well they are only in the brochures and certainly not onboard! So if you are overweight (like me) the best place you can go is on a cruise. You will have plenty of company --- some of whom may even make you feel slim---- and you'll have a chance to quit worring about being overweight!

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