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Default Re: Re: fat people

crusin'meme, Come on, wake up & smell the cigarette smoke!!!! Some cronic gripers get offended if people don't appear in the dining room, get in line early for the dining room, smoke in their rooms, smoke on the balcony, don't tip, hog the chairs, are too thin, take their meds at the table, order more than one entree, talk with a mouth full, wear thongs or speedos & of course being too fat!!! . Did I miss anything? Of course, none of these have a mite to do with the Cronic COMPLAINERS vacation but, alas, We give them something to COMPLAIN about and ruin their vacation!!!!!

You are soooo, right about the size of the heart. It matters not one iota to me the size of the person. Its the positive attitudes that attract me.

Happy crusin' all & keep those gripes coming in.

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