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Default Re: fat people

Jenjohn, dont take what you read on here as cruising, make your own mind up.

Personally,,I've yet to meet the person on ship who can claim

I have the perfect weight
I have the perfect body
I do not smoke
I do not drink
I do not gamble in the Casino
I do not hog the line
I do not bore everyone by always talking about me
My actions or reactions do not infringe on anyone else
I do everything in perfection that everyone loves

Actually for me someone like that would be the biggest pain in the ass and I would not want them on my table, why? Because they are so up their own A, its a wonder their head comes over the table! ,,,and I guess boring as a person

People are people, shapes, colors, views. Thats what makes the cruising experience for me. So people stop hitting or snipping at what is an easy target.

Being large does not make you a bad person, I've met many skinny runts that I would not give the time of day to, never mind want to cruise with.
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