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Peter V
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Default New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

I know that this will get the moans from a few here!

First off, I have been a good boy and have tipped on each and everyone of my cruises. After reading tons of the comments about it here, I think I have changed my mind, and think everyone should stop tipping as well.

I've been reading from a bunch of people that they don't think they should add the $10 a day to the fare paid, and that you want the ability to judge for yourself, The one thing I did not hear was that anyone tips less then the recommended amount. Why bother giving it as a tip if you are going to pay it anyway.

So now we should all not tip and state why, that we are tired of supporting their lack of pay to their own staff, and we will do it no longer. Pay them a fair wage! If this was done by everyone, I think it would change pretty fast.

While I agree that the staff is worked pretty hard when you consider the amount they receive in tips, and that they are not taxed on it, given free room and board etc. They make a good wage.

Figure out of 3000 pax at $70 per week is $210,000. How many are tippable, Waiters, Stewards, Bar staff, but we don't count them as they get their tips on drinks.

So out of 1000 crew, how many of these are there? 400? So $210,000 / 400 = $525 per week or about $27000 per year. Not a bad wage at all, tax free, free room and board. So now even if 20% stiffed them, then that is still about $22000, still not bad.

The one other thing I've noticed, and wonder if anyone else has. SInce we do tip, why don't we tip based on the amount we spend on our fare?

Seems to be the right thing to do. Most don't have a problem tipping at 10-20% of the bill at a restaurant. The same work is involved in bringing the meal to our table, but we tip based on price. So why should someone paying $400 for a lowly inside, pay the same tip as the one in the Penthouse suite at $4000. Shouldn't they pay 10%? You know, the $400 person pay $40 for the week, and the luxo cabin pays $400?

Standing back from the flames.
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