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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

Think about it this way. If u were paying a percentage for the dinner u r being served. Well.. That could be a whole lot more then the $10 a day for all of them. A lobster dinner is going to run u a good $30 per dinner. at 15% which is a lower amount to be paying a tip...(I am a waitress) that would be $4.50 jsut for that one dinner a nite. So that does not count the breakfast and lunch u ate also. So in the long run I think the costs for the tips are very slight. Do u realize that if a restaurant paid there wait staff a regular wage, u would be paying a whole lot more for the steak dinner then u do now. they have to compensate themselves for it somewhere. Whether the cruise lines choose to charge more for the cruise or have us pay our tips. I guess it's up to the cruise lines now. But if u go to a restaurnat dont u think paying a tip is better then having the cost of ur food going sky high. I think its a priviledge to pay a person who is taking such good care of me a tip of gratitude. Makes them feel they did there job well and makes me feel like I have appreciated someone. Again I have said this so many times. I am a waitress. have been for many years now. It is my chosen profession I understand that. But I think everyne should do some gratuity work once in there lives to appreciate the concept of tipping. Happy cruising....... Be nice to your wait person!
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