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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

Sorry Peter V, massive can of worms you have opened here,,,but not really as this one has been kicked to death. And the worms no longer wriggle.


1/ Dont guess at figures re income nor if it is taxable. That was speculation and not fact

2/ What about the repercussion of your policy? If we go by "Pay them a fair wage! If this was done by everyone, I think it would change pretty fast."

What are the implications for cruise pricing and how many people will that potential price change move out of the market, as it will not be the prices to cruise you see today. There are big ships to fill today and they will not do it with a policy or price that expects the mass market to pay up front for a decent wage and tips included. Sad, but reality

No flames from me, as I read no new reason not to stop tipping

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