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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

A 7 day cruise costs me $xxxx + $70. Period.
By the time I get to the ship I have almost handed half that amount out in tips anyway.
Long term parking at the airport, tip $5 to the bus driver who handles my luggage . If I use a redcap or curbside check in, another $5. Cab driver or bus driver from airport to hotel another $5. Bellman at the hotel, another$5. Bellman on the way out of the hotel , yes another $5. Bus driver or cab to port you got it, another $5. Long shoreman at the port, How about $5?OK , maybe it isn't always $5, but then again you never saw how many bags my wife packs. I've spent $35 in tips (not counting the tip at dinner and breakfast or a cab to and from a restaurant) and I haven't even gotten on the ship. What's another $10 per day? Just part of the cost of my trip, and a nominal cost at that.
You will not change the industry or the "policy" by withholding your tip. You will simply be part of the 20% someone mentioned above.
But it is fun to talk about, isn't it?
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