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Let's get it all straightened out here people.....

As an employee of RCI, I can attest to the fact that comment cards are beyond crucial for all employees and they are always read. It is the comment cards that determine whether a promotion is deserved and how an employee will be evaluated. Or it can mean an employee losing his job as well. How I know this is that as one of my tasks on board, I have to have staff meetings to discuss these comments.

It is like a letter of recommendation for most staff. I have known many people who were demoted due to poor comments as well as many cruise staff, who were able to get promoted becasue they generated such positive reviews.

So please keep in mind just how serious those comment cards are for the crew. Even the slightest negativity by naming the person will cause a negative reaction to upper management. Or please if you have something positive to say about a staff member....SAY IT AND INCLUDE THEIR NAME!

It's the same way all of you would like to be praised at work for something you have done .
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