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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

Dear Cruisers,
You need to think of the Cruise Line and its service people as a seperate entities. THe cruise line's do not give a hoot about their service employee's. They care about the mighty dollar. Why do you think they use people from poor countries so much? HUMMMMMMM. Because they come realllllllllllly cheap. Adding on the tip to the price would do no good for them or for us. These servers are the like royalty in their home coutries. They usually send home more money than some families make in 10 years. I have spoken to many of them and have corresponded with a few that I call my good friends. We have been welcomed into their homes in Italy and Spain while they are on leave.
These tip's are their salaries. Could you live on $25.00 a week, with room, board and food? I don't think so. I sure couln't.
Happy sailing,
sea angel
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