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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

Okay, so we are back to the circle of :

Do we pay a price upfront for the cruise, including tips. So everyone has contributed for service
Do we leave it open, as it is on the majority of ships and hope people do the right thing?

Discussions like this are better verbally,,,quicker, but here is a brain dump.

Massive market out there for cruising, varied re price, service expected, standards. SO can I compare Rad or Silver Seas to Carnival, RCI or Celeb. Well only through the price I paid to be there

Apart from that,,,,NO ANSWER, yes there is no comparison, but its like a car forum, and people comparing a Ford to a Ferrari, yes they are cars, ,,,but different

Bulk markets sell cheap, put the onus onto service to make their peoples own wages. Why? because its bulk, hide the real cost, and big ship profit. I understand and appreciate that market,,,,,it got me cruising.

But lets not mix up our markets here people. You will never hear usually a person from Rad or SS complaing re tips.

What you are hearing from the bulk market, is people who thought they had a budget vacation, finding the bulk cruising "Steath Tax" and "Hidden Costs" and really pissed off when they discover the real cost, I dont blame them,,,someone was not honest

In reality the bulks can turn people like this around and around for every cruise they sail,,,expecting people to be happy at the end,,,based on purchased price to cruise....Duh

There is no such thing as a cheap cruise, some are open, some hide it


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