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I guess I dont understand there are so many cruisers out there that are so unhappy with cruising. If I were unhappy with cruising or had to complain about every little thing I did, I guess I would quit going on a cruise. Instead of keep going and complaining about it all. I have always had the time of my life on my cruises. I have always paid my tips and have been happy to do so. After all they are treating me like royalty. I have never came home with any complaints at all. Just the fact that I had to come home and go back to work after having a wonderful vacation. I do understand there is a gripe board so we can complain about things. But some of the things that we are hearing are things that I would say just dont go anymore. But yet. They cant wait to get on another ship. Some people want everything for nothing. Tipping is such a small part of my cruise. If I can afford to cruise I can afford to tip. So look at it this way. U figure it into the cruise price in your mind and leave the rest of us to tipping and enjoying the giving. I feel it shows that I am so thankful for all the great service I have received. If I had a problem I would get it worked out and go on. Dont dwell on a problem solve it and go on. life is to short to keep up the complaining. If you dont like Carnival dont cruise Carnival. There are an awful lot of cruise ships of Carnivals filling up daily. Guess it cant be all that bad. For me It is the Best.... I have been on others and still come right back toCarnival..I understand to each his own.. But keep your unhappiness to yourself. I refuse to be unhappy because you r unhappy. Happy cruising..
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