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Bruce Chafkin
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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!


As soon as you sort out the cruise lines, please fix the restaurants, hotels, and taxi companies that refuse to pay a proper wage to their staff. Make them cough up the money so we don't have to tip those poor people.

Can you also fix those airline security and fuel surcharges? What's that all about ? They are just nickel and diming us. Why not include it in th ebasic price?

And what about the military? Those people risk their lives and get paid peanuts !!

And what about real estate? You buy a house for one price and then spend thousands more in realtor fees, closing fees, state taxes, federal taxes, licenses. What a scam. All hidden costs designed to empty our pockets.

And the banks, oh don't get me started on the banks. They loan you money and then charge you interest forever. Why don't they tell you up front what a loan is really going to cost you??

And the credit card companies. All sorts of hidden costs, interest, late fees. Why don't they include it in the price of the credit card?

Peter - You have a lot of work to do......................................
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