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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

Nice take on my comments Bruce and Ron, but 'I' will never accomplish anything on these issues. However as I stated previously, 'WE' have the power to make the changes.

Now you are also giving much more meaning to my comments about tipping and encompassing other jobs that are not in the same category.

Ron, I don't know what you want me to do with WalMart as I don't shop there. I would hope that if you feel that they are not good people than you not shop there either. Oddly enough if enough people didn't shop there, then there wouldn't be a WalMart to worry about.

The cruise line pays their tipped workers nothing, and expects the passengers to foot the entire wage bill. On the other hand, the restauants, taxis, hotels may be underpaid, but they are guaranteed to make at least minimum wage. Which sucks in and of itself anyway.

I agree with you about added fees, see my first line. "I" can't change it but "WE" can by refusing to pay it. If that means not flying, not buying a house, or using a particular bank, so be it. Personally, I negotiate a price for some of these items you mention upfront, or do some research for companies that don't add on useless revenue boosters in the first place.

A lot of companies have tacked on these fees because we let them do it.

I personally feel this is because, as a rule, the average American is a sheep, blindly being led by the nose and sucked dry in the never ending spiral of corporate greed.


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