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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

Peter, I'm personally glad to see you post again. There was a day or two that you hadn't posted. I heard about the poor soul who went over the side on the Carnival Valor and I thought---- hmmmm--- could it be that Peter has become so distraught , what with all the tipping, alcohol policies, photo selling, towel policies, selling gold by the inch, the constant announcements that you have a problem with---- well, honestly I thought that one night after dinner when you exited the dining room that the Pirate had grabbed you and stuck a knife to your throat and you simply couldn't take it any longer and did something rash, like running outside and heaving yourself overboard.
Glad to see it wasn't you.

( kidding )

I do understand some of the issues you have raised but still, cruising is one of the best vacation values around. Whether we pay a lot more up front or leave the system as it is, we still pay in the long run. At least now the people who drink the most, play bingo the most, buy the most gold -by-the-inch , etc pay more that I do, as I don't drink much, don't play bingo much, don't buy hardly any photos and don't steal / lose towels. Seems like a fair way to do business to me.

The cruise lines aren't the only ones who have ways to get your money. Today I paid my electric bill of $ 94. and change. Of that amount, $ 85.0 was electricity used and about
$ 9.0 was " other " charges.Fees for this, special taxes for that, meter service charge, etc. Only thing that wasn't added on was the tip. So, life is short--- spend a lot !!
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