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Default Re: Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

Peter V. , A sheep I am not and I resent the comment very much. Any time you want to post your apology will be fine.
You are naive to think that your position (a minority one at best) will change the system
and, if it does, that cost will simply be marked up elsewhere and come right back to you, the consumer. You will have gained nothing monetarily and lost the ability to influence service through your tip.
By withholding your tips , with an eye towards your social changing cause, you may feel
like a righteous man, and you may not personally actually be cheap, but your actions will be interpreted by all around you as just that. The person you "stiff" will only see
no tip, they will not now, nor ever, appreciate your jesture as influential of social change.
The system may in fact be quite broken, but your actions will do nothing to change it.
Fight on however if you believe .
Let us part with the comment that we agree to disagree.
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