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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

PapaBill, you will not get an apology from me. You may not think yourself a sheep, but when you blindly follow those ahead, that is what you are.

First off, you called me cheap, and assumed that I "stiff" servers. I am not by any means cheap. I have never "stiffed" a service person, except when it was deserved, but it doesn't mean that I like to do it, or that the custom is not archaic. I DO realise that the slaves on the ship depend on them.

Because I may be in the minority does not mean I am tilting at windmills either. Change comes about because people realise that there is a problem or a condition that is not correct. What needs to happen is a mass movement in order to change the conditions of the people who depend on YOU to pay thier salary.

You may feel that you have some sort of control over the amount that you tip, but so far no one has stated that they actually tip less than the amount. It appears that most of you tip more. But if you do not actually make a change to the charge, then there is no control. It is charged to your account, and requires you to do something in order to prevent it. As most know when items like this are done "FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE" what it actually means is that the sheep will blindly follow, since they would have to "DO" something instead of doing nothing, which is exactly what they want and know.

I do acknowledge that "I" can't change anything, but "WE" can do almost anything.

But not if "WE" are sheep!

I never expected to change anyone's mind here as there are far too many people who play follow the leader. What I was expecting is to have a serious discourse on the subject, which unfortunately hasn't happened.


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