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Default Re: Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

You will not find serious discourse when you refer to fellow posters as Sheep and the folks you are supposedly looking to act on behalf of as Slaves.
I'll state again. if you get your WE, then you will eliminate tipping and the cost will be passed on to you, along with a mark up, in the cost of the cruise (or whatever service). You have gained NOTHING. By eliminating tipping you eliminate your ability to impact current and future service by eliminating incentive. Net result , a lesser position. Most of the folks (slaves) you are fighting for would rather have tipping than be on a salary. Why? Because they make more money and can influence that amount through extra service.
Anything can be accomplished if everyone got behind it. Fact is, everyone is not going to get behind your "movement". Not because we are sheep, not because we are not activists for social change, but because we face the reality that only a very very few want change in this arena. You cloak yourself as an activist for change. The world views the failure to tip as cheap. Just ask the folks that fail to get a tip. You are of course the one exception.
Keep on fighting if you believe in your cause. But just because I do not agree with you does not make me, or anyone else a sheep. You lose your arguement immediately by attacking the individual rather than their point of view. The lack of substantive discussion is self generated on your part. You have in my view an interesting point. (whether I agree with it or not aside). You concede the point when you get personal with those who disagree with your point of view. Like the poster above, I admire your passion for your cause. You waste it however.
And no one, under any circumstances, should be referred by you as being a slave.
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