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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

In debate:

Lesson #1 - eliminate "Like", "you know"and "uhhhhh" from your vocabulary, as well as "always" and "never".

Lesson #2 - debating doesn't make one of you right and one of you wrong

Peter, people that disagree with you are not acting as sheep and blindly following a philosophy. Most of us make the conscience decision to tip the way we do. If you haven't heard any talk about leaving less than the recommended amount, then you just haven't been around the boards long enough. Plenty of people adjust their tips down as well as up.

Our decision to leave the recommended amount on our cards is just a valid as yours to take it off. It's simply a point of view.

If you are truly interested in honest discourse, you would leave off the insults. If you aren't then don't be surprised when someone takes offense and writes you off as someone who doesn't *really* want a discussion, but a forum to pontificate.

Like a certain part of the anatomy - opinions - we all have them, some are just prettier than others.



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