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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

PapaBill, I started referring to some as sheep since I never received any meaningful argurment, other than they have no problems doing it. It was never meant as a personal insult, and was never referred to as such. When someone follows a custom merely because it is a custom, and defends it as being the custom, sorry, but that is a sheep.

I am kind of intrigued as to why you think that I do not know that the price will be passed on to me. I think I stated that in the beginning. Why do you think that the cruise line would then take some of this money away from the people it was intended for? Since they are already adding it on to your onboard account, why would it somehow need to recover a cost that doesn't exist. Unless of course you are implying that the lines themselves are not trustworthy.

You also state that by doing this I have gained NOTHING, I thought I wasn't gaining anything anyway, as the money would be delivered to the crew providing the service.

I am sorry if the word slave caused grief, as it has been used before by those trying to change this system. I have never considered them my slaves, and I treat them very decently, and never demand anything of them. I do not agree with you when you state that the incentive of a tip ensures that they perfom above and beyond their duties. I think the ones that do this do it because they want to. I also do not agree that the waiters and cabin staff are satisfied with tipping as the major part of their salary. I have had a number of conversations with these individuals, both on and off the ship.

It is also not my movement. I posted this originally because of all the comments I've read here on tipping, and those that do it and those that don't. I had an idea that I thought might provoke some discussion. How sadly mistaken I was on that.

As for attacking the person rather than their views, PapaBill, you started it by calling me cheap and disguising it as a crusade. Even though I never said I did not tip, in fact, I stated that I did.


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