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Default Re: Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

Peter,Maybe it is as simple as never having to make the complaint. Maybe it is more. Maybe instead of minimally acceptable service you get more. An extra towel when it is needed, extra pillows/ blankets. More ice, the use of an iron, perhaps a needle and thread or a pair of cufflinks to borrow. I can't begin to think of the many little things , beyond the minimum, that we have been offered or received .
From a waiter or assitant, perhaps it is extra breadsticks , iced tea without asking, remembering your brand of tea after dinner. Perhaps it is something from the kitchen without asking. I joked to a waiter one night how all I wanted was the chocalate chip cookies from the lunch buffet for dessert. for the next 13 nights I had a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps it is the Maitre D who had fresh ginger sent to my cabin after asking the whereabouts of my wife at dinner and being told she was suffering a bit from the ship's motion. I didn't ask, he just did it. The head waiter who
took us to two shops in Cozumel that he personally felt gave the best deal on a particular gift we were looking for . The same guy who repeated a table side pasta preparation twice because a table mate was so GAH GAH about it.
Once again , we have different attitudes towards tipping, the reason for it and the results of it.
I also do not understand why you make every answer or response personal. Why was it necessary for you to go after Bruce personally above? It takes away from your credibility
and adds nothing to the discussion.
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