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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

PapaBill. It's difficult to argue about your philanthropic attitude but it is not difficult to argure with your attitude that the world views those who don't tip as cheap. I guess the thing that bothers me is the attempt by some people on this thread to make one feel guilty because they don't feel they should be held responsible for somebody else's livelihood.
You mentioned in one of your threads about the tipping you do from the time you practically leave your house to get to the airport, then from the air[port to your hotel, from your hotel to the cruiseport, from the cruiseport to aboard ship and then you start all over again aboard ship.

If you feel the need ( and have the ability ) to do this there is not much fault I can find in that ,except to say that your actions make what others of us do seem somehow unacceptable. Your actions also result in everyone who might do something for us having their hand out for a tip..

I remember at Tampa airport a few years back when a redcap took our 5 pieces of luggage ( my wife, our son and I had already dragged it from the car rental dropoff to the outside sidewalk) and carried it across the street, into the building and around the corner to the airline desk. This being the end of our vacation, and not having much money left ( U.S. funds ) we managed to scrape together $ 5.00 ( $2 of which were in quarters). When I handed the money to the redcap he became quite angry and refused to take it. His comments were along the lines of "This is the way I make a living - I have a family to care for." I asked him how much HE thought his services were worth. Without answering he asked me what I thought his services were worth. My answer was " The amount that I have in my hand". He tipped our suitcases off his trolley, told me to keep my money and walked away.

I wonder WHERE he got the attitude that I was in some way responsible for his livelihood????

My wife and I have raised 5 children - THESE are the people whose livelihoods I feel responsible for and no one elses - certainly not a bartender, or waiter or cabin attendant on some ship which, chances are, I will never see again after the cruise is over. And certainly not the redcap at the airport who wants to take my luggage, the taxidriver who drives us to out hotel, the doorman at the hotel both coming and going, the taxi driver who takes us to the cruiseport, the porter who wants to take my luggage inside, atc. etc.

It seems if some people were to drop a package and someone were to pick it up for them, the person who dropped the package is ready to give a tip ( and the person who picked up the package is expecting one).

Do I tip? The answer is YES. Depending on the service asked for & provided.

Do I tip every person who handles my luggage, who drives me to / from the airport / hotel, who makes my bed or who serves me food / drink? The answer is NO. IIt gets to be a little ridiculous, really - just how many people whose livelihoods am I responsible for when I travel?

However, these people all expect a tip, the cruiselines, airports , hotels, taxi companies, etc. all expect us to give these people tips.

If YOU feel the need to give all of them tips, that's fine with me but it isn't fine FOR me . I don't wish to impact current and future service.
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