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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

I agree PapaBill - the young man was deserving of whatever tip you gave him.

Being 'flush' and able to afford to tip as you do is an enviable position ( no sarcasm intended) and I guess one's definition of being 'flush' is how one views his / her own financian situation.

However, there are probably a lot more ME's in the travel world than there are YOU's and my question (sort of ) in my previous thread was - I wonder if the ME's are viewed as cheap tippers because of the YOU's?

Getting back to my redcap - $ 1.00 per piece of luggage for moving it 100 feet. Did he see me as cheap,
1) Because I WAS cheap? or

2) Because he has been 'spoiled' by people who tip regardless of the service provided?

You won't hurt my feelings!!!!
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