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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

That's it for me guys - I'm off on the Explorer of Seas to cruise the Caribbean on Sunday and we have to be out of here by Friday to make flight connections. ( My wife and I along with our kids ranging from 24 to 34 for a total of 8).

We plan on renewing our wedding vows and as a gift to our kids we are taking them with us. Let's see - 8 air fares at almost $800.00 each, 8 cruise fares at $1200.00 each, 8 hotel rooms before we get back home at about $ 175.00 each per night , plus taxis - I'm not sure I'm going to have a whole lot left for tips - but I'll do my best.( all Canadian funds).
I just want to say to all of you, especially Peter V, Thomas and PapaBill - it's been a pleasure sharing opinions with you.

Peter, for a while I thought you were in the 'tearing down' stage of your life but after reading many of your comments on this thread and others, and folowing your line of reasoning , I think you are a person who means what he says.

Thomas - for a while I thought you were Peter - but still I enjoyed your contributions (no offence).

PapaBill - as always, your arguments ( while I didn't always agree) were filled with logic and as always, you presented them in a gentlemanly manner.

We debated both the tipping (this thread) and the smoking (another thread) issues and while I haven't changed my feelings on either very much, I have come to appreciate the opinions of others. And I guess that's what this forum is about, to share opinions.

Best wishes to you all in both your personal and your cruising lives!!! I'm sure I'll manage to find your names and comments on this site again in the future. Cheers!!!
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